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Improving quality of life by educating children

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By educating underprivileged children in our local community, it allows greater economic opportunities for Australian’s living in poverty and is a solid step in the right direction with helping them to better their lives. Families with higher incomes give their children better opportunities for healthcare and education, thus ensuring the cycle of poverty can be broken forever. Preston Neighbourhood House offers children’s services which are guided by the principles of the Early Learning Years Framework.

A national approach

Early learning education shapes every child’s future and builds the foundation of their personal learning and development. The early years are critical for establishing young children’s self-esteem and promotes a healthy attitude to studying and their capacity to learn. Studies have shown that early education and care leads to a higher capacity of learning and better health outcomes. Children need education and quality care that meets their individual needs.

Early childhood education

Early childhood learning and education is important for children’s development and is best when it starts at a young age, continuing on into adulthood. Preston House helps young members in our local community to realise their potential and give them the support and access to educational assistance which they may need. The Victorian Government understands the importance of early childhood learning and is working together with not for profit organisations to support affordable early child care services

Childhood development is central to wellbeing

There are important benefits to ensuring that children receive  positive learning experiences in their early years By providing a quality early childhood education, families can make a significant difference to improving their children’s outcomes. Studies in Australia have shown that there are particular benefits for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, when provided with early learning development services, such as the ones offered by Preston Neighbourhood House to members of our local community.

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