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Why the Bridge?

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“the Bridge” is the new name for Preston and Thornbury Neighbourhood Houses

Why the Bridge?

For over 30 years both neighbourhood houses have worked to empower and strengthen our community.   

To create this brand we have drawn on the history and shared vision of both Houses, binding two strong, yet unique identities into one brand.  We found that there were many things in common across both houses which has formed a strong basis to move forward as one organisation.

Our core message is: “This is a good place for me” and we provide an opportunity for people to participate and learn in a welcoming and supportive environment.

We are the Bridge which reflects a strong organisation, one that is credible and progressive.  The name is a powerful metaphor: a support to help people overcome their own challenges and begin “moving forward”.

The Bridge represents a “coming together” of people to forge connections and build a stronger community.

We will always be a neighbourhood house with “neighbourhood house values”. We are however, excited to be moving forward under the new brand of the Bridge and you will see that reflected in our new locational names:

The Bridge Thornbury thebridge_preston_logo_rgb_s


We look forward to providing you with the same friendly and responsible service, offering more programs and developing more opportunities to connect our local community.     

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