The Bridge Preston & Thornbury Team Members

Our team – Preston & Thornbury


Chris Lombardo

Chris Lombardo Executive Officer

Catriona Herz

Catriona Herz Operations Manager

Lamia Dib

Lamia Dib Children's Services Manager

Larry Lee

Larry Lee Training & Program Manager

Ramona Barry

Ramona Barry Office Manager

Team members

Paul L.

Paul L. Administrative Reception

Mariko Hara

Mariko Hara Administration Support

Marie Harding

Marie Harding Administration Assistant

Leanne Lewis

Leanne Lewis Business Services Assistant

Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Annette Antolino

Annette Antolino Bookkeeper

Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher Café Supervisor, Moon Rabbit

Rob Pietrobuono

Rob Pietrobuono Barista, Moon Rabbit; Program Assistant, TTT

Sabrina Nemorin

Sabrina Nemorin Program Lead, TTT

Alli Fisher

Alli Fisher Barista, Moon Rabbit

Jack Lombardo

Jack Lombardo Barista, Moon Rabbit

Sandy Chiu

Sandy Chiu Childcare Educator

Shaiqa Hasmat

Shaiqa Hasmat Childcare Educator

Vesna Biskic

Vesna Biskic Childcare Educator

Nayana Ranasinghe

Nayana Ranasinghe Childcare Educator

Imeshka Kahawala Gamage

Imeshka Kahawala Gamage Childcare Educator

Shanthi Bathambandur

Shanthi Bathambandur Childcare Educator

Chamini Wimalaratne

Chamini Wimalaratne Childcare Educator

Zana Rusitovski

Zana Rusitovski Childcare Educator

Anoma Dolaphilla

Anoma Dolaphilla Childcare Educator

Yoko Takahashi

Yoko Takahashi Childcare Educator

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