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Venue Hire Preston & Thornbury

The Bridge offers a range of rooms for hire, including medium-sized training rooms, large halls and two kitchens (including one commercial kitchen).

We have numerous spaces for hire by the hour, by the day or ongoing: 

  • Variety of rooms with capacity of 10-120 
  • Two fully equipped kitchens (including one commercial kitchen) 
  • Children’s party rooms with an outdoor play area

Additional equipment is available for hire, with rooms and rates dependent on capacity and equipment requirements.  

Note: Only Leinster Grove Community Hall is available for events serving alcohol. We do not hire out Leinster Grove Community Hall for 18th or 21st birthdays.

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Featured rooms 

Bev Colvin room, 218 High St, Preston

  • Capacity: 12-15
  • Access to ADSL, wireless internet and TV screens (additional costs apply) 
  • Ideal for meetings, team workshops or training 


Ted Scott room , 218 High St, Preston


Front hall, 220 High St, Preston  

  • Capacity: 100   
  • Suited for larger events, trainings or parties
  • Can be booked together with the commercial kitchen (see below) 


Rear hall, 220 High St, Preston

  • Capacity: 80
  • Suited for larger events or parties
  • Can be booked together with the commercial kitchen (see below) 


Annexe, 220 High St, Preston


Commercial kitchen, 220 High St, Preston 

Available independently or in conjunction with room hire

  • Ideal for fundraisers or catering events


Front room, 131 Shaftesbury Pde, Thornbury


Middle room, 131 Shaftesbury Pde, Thornbury


Back room, 131 Shaftesbury Pde, Thornbury

Full list of available rooms 

The Bridge Preston
218-220 High St, Preston  

  • Bev Colvin room – 12-15 people 
  • Ted Scott room – 12-15 people  
  • Front hall – 100 people 
  • Rear hall – 80 people 
  • Annexe – 15-20 people

The Bridge Thornbury
131 Shaftesbury Parade, Thornbury 

  • Front room/computer lab – 15 people (10 Computers) 
  • Middle room – 10 people 
  • Back room – 15 people

Thornbury Arts Hub & Community Hall 
99 Leinster Grove, Thornbury

  • Community hall – 120 people

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